KOSGEB Government Subsidy Programme

The scope of consulting and training subjects is as follows

1.General Management
2. Project preparation to benefit from EU and other international sources
3.Preparing Business plan
7.Human Resources
8. Finance
9. Foreign Trade
10. Computer and Information Technologies
11. Energy Technologies
12. New Technic and Technologies
13. Product Design Documentation within the scope of CE and production according to CE standards

1. Companies that are the members of Kosgeb can take support for the training and consultancy services which they receive from Grupas Consultancy.
2. These companies can receive a total of 20.000,00 TL in 3 years for training and a total of 22,500.00 TL in 3 years for consultancy.
3. These companies can apply again due to the subsidy packages have been renewed at the end of 3 years.
4. 50% percent of invoices that made out can benefit from subsidies. They can receive a return of 5.000,00 TL in 10.000,00 TL invoice.
In order to companies become the member of KOSGEB, the number of their employees should be less than 250 personnel and the annual turnover of 40 million TL.
Once they register to KOSGEB database, they can register it in 1 week.
( http://destek.kosgeb.gov.tr/Pages/KOSGEBFirstApplication.aspx )