Training of Trainers

Adult education has an important role on adaptation to the world which is constantly changes and transforms. It’s not an ambitious approach to say that cultural change and technological development will be ensured by adult education.

Purpose of Training:

To improve the trainers on adult training to make the internal trainings planned in the organisation more effective, successful and participant-focused. To help participants who want to be trainers to apply effective presentation techniques in their areas of expertise.

Training Content:

• Explain, teach, train
• Learning Skills
• Tools for adult training
• Identification of participant analysis and training purposes.
• Role and attitude of the trainer
• Determination of training types and correct method
• Preparations of presentation and training content
• To plan presentation
• To plan training and materials
• Presentation applications
• Interactivity and gamification
• Utilizing visual tools
• Presentation and education evaluation
• Effective on-the-job training
• Consideration and closure.

Achievement of Participants:

• Adult Learning (Andrographic Approach)
• Gaining skills in training tools, methods and styles,
• Group dynamics and learning from each other (Synergogy)
• Asking Questions and answering techniques.
• Observing and evaluating participant competencies
• Identify training needs correctly
• Identify the most appropriate learning method for participants,
• Identify and plan your own development needs,
• Testing educational effectiveness


Managers, team leaders, formeners; experts and technical and non-technical employees from all levels and functions; who will be training both inside and outside the organization.


2 days interactive and theoric training.


Training room, projector, white board, flip charts, colored pens, colored sticker, preparation board for teamwork.


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