• Born in 1968, has a bachelor’s degree in communications engineering and master in business administration.
  • He worked for Efeso Consulting Cairo office since 2008 as a consultant. Prior to this he was the director of supply chain and maintenance of a large Egyptian earth moving company where he served for 13 years before joining Efeso Consulting.
  • He played a significant role in several projects involving development of organization transformation plans aimed to streamlining operational processes and optimizing costs. Such projects include operational excellence ,review and redesign business processes, policies and procedures, and define system requirement for IT and automation. His main experience has been in serving clients from furniture, engineering, manufacturing, and telecom sectors.
  • Besides, operational excellence consulting assignments, Ehab has reasonably good experience in research based strategy consulting work where he has assisted clients in providing marketing, competitive and customer strategies. He also has good experience in train and coaching people given his wide ranging experience in developing strategies and providing implementation support.

    2018'de Grupas Gelişim