Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the biggest student association in Europe. It was born on the 16th October 1989 and legally registered in 1990 for supporting and developing student exchange. We are present in more than 800 Higher Education Institutions from 39 countries. The network is constantly developing and expanding. We have around 15,000 active members that are in many sections supported by so called buddies mainly taking care of international students.Thus, ESN involves around 34,000 young people offering its services to around 220,000 international students every year. ESN, Erasmusplus exchange programs such as development, support and aims to promote. It represents them on three platforms: local, national, international by working for the benefit of exchange students. ESN Turkey is the second largest country of ESN. It has organized many national, international projects, meetings since the year it was founded.

At the same time It has organized orientation programs cultural activities, events  trips and various informational meetings in order to provide a better life to their Erasmus experience for incoming and going Erasmus students to Turkey and other countries.

 For ESN Turkey's 40 Sections' they will provide self improvement conferences with the cooperation with YALIN  Academy and ESN. YALIN Academy's educations will supply %25 discount opportunity for all students who are in ESN Turkey. Also YALIN Academy will give us support as a moderator and speaker in ESN's events. At events which are organized by Yalın Academy a stand will be given to ESN for promotion.