Effective Communication Skills

Purpose of Training:

Communication is the process of sharing and communing among people. Communicating with many methods such as body language, empathy, expressing ideas and feelings are important tool thats reveals the individual's awareness.

Communication skills which are one of the most important skills that must be possessed in every profession, directly increases the effectiveness of the individuals. Misunderstandings and negativities that can arise from lack of communication in business life can only be solved with common understanding. The way you can make a difference in communication with your colleagues, those in the upper and lower levels, is through communication techniques. Individuals with superior communication skills can notice the small details between looking at and seeing. Through this training, the techniques of effective communication will be discussed and the communication skills will be applied through the scenarios.

Training Content:

• You will realize the importance of communication and the benefit it gives to us.
• With the smart (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) targeting approach, it will set realistic goals for life,
• Identify the basic elements necessary for success in business and private life
• By giving examples of the difficulty of the communication process, we can eliminate the factors that prevent the communication
• Will be able to benefit from the "3 DAT" formula in the communication process
• Will be able to look at herself/himself with her/his analysis of behavioral style, recognize her/his own relationship and communication style
• Be able to conduct anticipation with appropriate communication style for different types of personality and analyze to observe the differences
• Evaluate the failures of communication as a development opportunity, (3B Rule)
• Examine the feelings and thoughts that cause other peoples’ behavior,
• Developing self-expression skills (charismatic words and expressions of prohibition),
• Put verbal and non-verbal communication tools in order of importance,
• Will be able to use body language as an effective communication tool,
• Will be able to distinguish the distinction of personal distance limits in communication,
• Discover the impact of your first and last impression on communication,
• Evaluate the influence of the exhaustion sentiment on communication.


Employees at all levels and managers who need to communicate effectively.


2 days


2019 Yılına İzmir şubemizi açarak başladık