Visual Management Training

After determining the management policies of a company; It is possible to  present everyone's attention standards, rules, objectives, performance   by visualization to achieve all involvement.

Losses must become clearly visible. Everyone should focus in full harmony in the direction of the targets and be a participant by aligning.

The purpose of training:

When you see something, you will understand better.

Visual management is a business management model in which important information is made visible and understandable to everyone. It is the transmission of information to people in an easy-to-understand way visually, rather than in writing.

The visual design should be able to get the information right in a short time.

  • All decisions based on information.
  • If we access the information in short time, we can make better decisions.
  • Visual management provides to get information and to perceive knowledge in the fastest way.
  • Information is clear and transparent for everyone.
  • The work place that is managed visually, becomes in order, safe and productive.

The contents of training:

  • Visuality and Visual Communication
  • Multidimensional communication from Hoshin-Kanri to Daily management
  • Visual documentation- Standard work
  • Projection of Performance Indicators in Business Processes
  • Reaching to information easily and simultaneous
  • Increase loss awareness by visual management and involvement of all
  • Clearing taking measures and Kaizen studies to everyone


Managers, supervisors, officers, firt level supervisors that implement visual communication and management in work place. The number of participants is limited to 20 people.


1 day, theoretical training and 5 team-work

Training Requirements:

Training room, projector, white board, flipcharts, colored pens, colorful stickers, Preparation board for teamwork(A4 paper), sticky tape, audio systems for video , voluntary participation.