TPM Academy

We work for Operational Excellence and World Class Operations.

We work for lucrative companies which aims to maximize the efficiency of the production system by zeroing work accidents, quality defects, malfunctions and all other losses, cares more about prevention than fixing by applying planned and preventative maintenance, uses visual management tools and creates an atmosphere where all the employees contribute to management, understands and solves the problems by examining them on the source and with real objects, forms teams that improve themselves continuously by specializing on their work and provides sustainable, successful business outcomes.

TPM Academy Goals/ Objectives

To create perfectly functioning machines that work at maximum quality and speed without experiencing unplanned stops.

Evaluation of management approaches and practices that is compatible with the business processes and targets of the institution.

Process Loss Determination and Strategic Road Map Preparation.

Operational Excellence Construction

  • Focused Improvements
  • Autonomous Management
  • Professional Maintenance
  • Quality Management
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Process Management
  • Early Product and Equipment Management
  • Safety, Health and Environment

Operational Excellence Philosophy

Increasing the Efficiency of the Equipment

  • Achieving zero accidents, achieve zero odds, achieve zero faults.

Preventative Approach

  • Proactive vs Reactive

Involvement For All

  • Autonomous Management Activities
  • Small Group Activities
  • Kaizen Teams

Focusing on Improvements

  • Loss Analysis
  • Elimination of the Losses

Business Orientation (Genba Principle)

  • Ideal Operations
  • Visual Management