Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Which of your Corporate KPIs have you referred to the Planning Department?

Planning is the effective management of the financial and intellectual resources of companies.

Planning is the approach consisting of determining the equation which ensures that all resources of a company are used effectively, correlated and balanced, identifying and managing the necessary input activities for achieving the expected business outcomes.

Planning is the way to become a profitable company and be able to sustain it!

Planning should be considered as a function, not a department.

The most important function that influences the success of organizations is the planning. The reduction of the planning function to only one department and finding solutions through local applications are some of the biggest mistakes.

The problem of planning is it becomes complex and like a hard puzzle due to the differences in the specifications of business constraints, bottlenecks, resources, order taking, delivery date, order booking, capacity determination, existence of alternative routes, irregularity of the production flow, termination of products through multiple transactions and through different workstations.

This situation reveals the need for a system that enables the company to plan and manage all Supply Chain Processes on a single basis.

Planning decisions affect organizations' Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) directly and indirectly.

Planning System

In order for organizations to manage their profitability at the highest level and to be able to sustain it, it will be important to define convenient Planning System in accordance with their sector requirements and work processes and to choose the right measurement and implementation tools.

It is always less costly to plan and start the game with a plan. The existence of a well-defined Planning System, provides the opportunity to take precautions against potential problems that can be faced in future by enabling to learn the possible scenarios and their consequences in advance, in other words by enabling to make simulations.

Planning is to be prepared for the future.

Unfortunately, an effective planning system and approach are not seen in a significant part of the very important organizations of Turkey that are in the first 500 companies in respect of their turnover.

Planning activities are generally perceived and structured as the planning of production at the level of the Operational Planning, which is the lowest layer of the Planning System. Missing one of these things levels and/or unable to build relationship between levels will reduce planning effectiveness.


Organizations need to consider their planning activities in Hierarchical 3 Level to have an effective planning system. Failure of one of these loved ones and / or the establishment of a relationship between levels will reduce planning effectiveness.

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Tactical Planning
  3. Operational Planning

The table which shows planning levels, planning activities, expected utilities, time dimension of planning and the layers of the system that will be set up to interact with critical performance indicators of organizations are given in the table below.


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