Associating Quality Function Management

It is perceived as being very independent from their main deal and company objectives in organizations. It is in a position to be in direct and indirect communication with all other processes and functions and to be strategically managed.

In this context, it is a team working primarily with Quality Function team, then with other related departments. It is a practice that is based on quality culture and all interrelated functions in the organization and is based on mutual relationship and positioning.

The purpose of training:

You will learn effective quality configuration in changing and evolving business-market conditions on the journey from Quality Control to Quality Assurance in time It is a training program which is designed in this manner that is not controlled of quality during on producing products or the management process. In this training that is interactively managed on the purpose of the goal of team awareness and positioning, is aimed position the quality department and its function effectively within the company processes.

  • Effective Quality activities and accurate positioning
  • Being fit for purpose quality function and organizational structure
  • A strong Quality function association
  • Strong communication between processes and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Continuous developing Quality awareness
  • Increasing Product and Service Quality

The content of training:

  • Quality culture and building stones
  • Quality planning
  • Department functions - Quality interaction
  • Internal customer expectations
  • Final customer expectations
  • Advanced Quality Planning


Senior and middle level managers, quality employees, engineers


1 day, theoretical training +teamwork

Training Requirements:

Training room, projector, white board, flipcharts, colored pens, colorful stickers, Preparation board for teamwork(A4 paper), sticky tape, audio systems for video , voluntary participation.