Short and Long Term Process Capability Analysis (CPK-PPK)

"Variability" is undesirable but one of the realities of our lives. Variability and tendency, if not controlled; large losses and uncontrolled outcomes can not be avoided. Process capability has to be managed statistically in short, medium and long term. Capabilities challenges that are not addressed in this context can cause companies to encounter many operational challenges, lost customers and major prestige losses.

Identification of critical processes, management of short- and long-term process capabilities is building block for production companies.

The purpose of training:

Although technologically changing and developing production methods prepare the grounds for minimizing their variability, operations that are not aware of variable process inputs and outputs; always at risk. With this approach, it is aimed to create awareness and to manage as statistical awareness of the trends that may form the basis of continuous improvement activities, to manage them, to control them.

Capabilities will be established and developed related to the transfer of basic statistical information and the methods of measurement and evaluation the process capabilities.

It is a training program for competence on data collection, analysis and evaluation techniques.

The content of training:

It will be studied basic statistical information, definition and measurement of variability, process capability expectations, measurement and interpretation of specification and control limits and the effects of the methods on operational processes.

Process capabilities will be concrete with interpretation of trend and detailed examples to be given.


Mid-level managers, engineers, technical staffs


1 day, theoretical training + practice

Training Requirements:

Training room, projector, white board, flipcharts, colored pens, colorful stickers, Preparation board for teamwork(A4 paper), sticky tape, audio systems for video , voluntary participation.


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