Corporate Holistic Transformation and Restructuring

The Purpose

  • Increasing competition power of corporations
  • Creation of new and organizational management approaches and models
  • Supporting to improve organizations' performance and to have organizations' sustainable management systems
  • Definition and management Of organizational performance criteria and indicators
  • Improvement of Management Quality, Management Skills and Operational Skills

Correct Vision and Goals

Financial Aspect

  • Increasing of Enterprise Value
  • Productivity Strategies
    • Cost Reduction
    • Effective Use of Resources
  • Growth Strategies
    • Increase Revenue Opportunities
    • Increasing Customer Value

Customer Value

  • Aspect of Customer
    • Product and Service Skills Strategies
    • Pricing
    • Quality
    • Range of products and services
    • New Product Development
    • Utility
  • Strategy of Corporations
    • Development of Servitization
    • Sharing Information and Resources
  • Strategies for Corporate Image Conservation and Development
    • Brand Value

Correct Processes

Aspect of Processes

  • Processes Related to Activities
    • Supply
    • Production
    • Delivery
    • Management
  • Customer Related Processes
    • Selection of Customer
    • Develop Business Volume with Existing Customers
    • Gain new customers
    • Customer Satisfaction

Processes Related to Improvement and Innovation

  • New Business Opportunities
  • New Products
  • Improvement of Processes

Processes Related to Law and Social Relations

  • Environmental management system
  • OHS System
  • HR Management
  • Regulations

Capital of Human

Aspect of employee and improvement

  • Right person
  • Continuous development and inovation

Intellectual capital

Aspect of employee and improvement

  • Right information
  • Right Measurement, Monitoring and Inspection

Corporate capital

Aspect of employee and improvement

  • Accurate and Common Culture
  • Leadership, Strategy and Right Routing
  • Accurate Team and Organization

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