Analyzing and Improving Processes by Maki-Gami

“Improvement of processes”

Processes are implemented standards and adopted approaches. Rules are defined game , that is to live. The elements and principles that play an important role in creating the rules will be useful as long as they are meticulously protected at the application stage. In other words, all the activities that create value for the institution and the ways of doing business are defined or expressed in accordance with the needs, principles and objectives of the institution.

The Purpose of Training:

Examination of processes and initiation of Focused Improvements (Kaizen)

The Content of Training:

Maki Gami is Japanese and means "Roll Paper". The Maki Gami Technique, which is among the process analysis techniques, is a technique that is easy to understand and to apply according to other analysis techniques. Maki Gami is a Lean Management Tool at TPM Management Model.  The process flows drawn on the premises are stored on the computers, in the files, and these valuable works are kept in mind so that they are not always in sight. It is also necessary to take a deep look at them in order to understand them. Process analysis by Maki Gami is always in sight. The understanding is easy and the improvements can be continuously monitored on the wall work.


Senior and Middle level managers, process owners, employees


1 day theoretical training+teamwork

Training Requirements:

Training room, projector, white board, flipcharts, colored pens, colorful stickers, preparation of boards or walls for teamwork (putting up the A4 papers), sticky tape, audio systems for video shoot, voluntary participation of the participants.


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