Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

It is a philosophy of continuous improvement that aims to increase the value created by the business to its customers and to effectively utilize the business resources as increasing this value. This philosophy which involves more dominant applications of different methodologies according to different industrial characteristics brings together all methodologies and disciplines under the same roof.

The inseparable elements of Operational Excellence can be stated as in the following:

  • Leadership approach starting from the creation of value to the vision,
  • The goals that involves each business process,
  • The outcomes that are measured and examined with respect to the targets,
  • The approach which cares about the development and the communication among workers, products, machines, processes and suppliers while solving the problem at the source,
  • “Zero” goal on the losses (zero work accident – zero defect – zero stop).

Even though the management methodologies under OpEx may be prioritized according to the requirements of the firms, they contain lots of structures one within another.

Lean Management, TPM and 6 Sigma are globally accepted management methodologies.

Grupas Management Consultancy is using some concepts as follows ;

Jidoka , Just In Time, Kaizen, Heijunka, Muda, SMED (Single minute Exchange of dies)

Poka Yoke, Kanban, Andon, A3 Thinking, Hoshin Kanri, Daily management system