Improvement of Management Skills

One of the key elements in institutional development and change is the leadership style, the relationship of the managers at the middle level and how much they are open to changes. The management quality also gives an idea about the overall quality of a company.

Purpose of Training:

To widen participant’s vision about their management principles and approaches and to make them gain effective managing skills and approaches.

Content of Training:

• Basic areas of responsibility in management and the concept of management
• From classical management understanding to contemporary management
• Ideal manager profile
• Management functions:
• Planning
• Organizing
• Coordination
• To Motivate
• Delegation
• Contact
• Control
• From being manager to be a leader
• 10 modern leadership functions
• Decision-making and values
• Team work
• Conflict management
• Customer orientation

Training Management:

• Lectures
• Case studies
• Group work
• Team games
• Movie: reviews and reviews
• Tests and interpretation
• Role playing applications
• Individual study in case of training is in two sections.


Mid level chiefs, managers who are newly appointed to positions and specialists, engineers, sales representatives.