Productivity Management, Loss Control, 7 Wastes

Loss is anything that we encounter in any process, do not add value directly to the product or service and do not contribute to the transformation of the product - service. Losses can be obvious or hidden, but they add time and cost to the product / service in any case.

The Purpose of Training:

It is aimed to provide awareness for the identification, management and minimization of the losses that occur in processes.

It is aimed to create a culture for productivity concept and increasing outputs in accordance with customer expectations. Under 7 Wastes topic, it is aimed to establish an infrastructure for the identification, measurement and management of losses that occur.

Awareness will be formed to analyze of the causes of losses and to optimize the loss by minimizing variation - elimination with the process experts.

The Contents of Training:

The analysis of causes of losses, “7 Wastes” to eliminate the variation

  1. Overproduction
  2. Defects
  3. Inventory
  4. Waiting
  5. Unnecessary Processing
  6. UnnecessaryTransporting
  7. Unnecessary Motion

will be embraced and workshops will be performed.

Practical cases may be difficult in large groups (where different functions coexist).

Lean manufacturing techniques, process capability analysis and capability balancing, association with maintenance activities, training deficiencies and determination of needs, loss management with organizational regulatory approaches will be covered.


Senior and Middle level managers, engineers, Production and Quality employees, technical personnels


1 day (theoretical training + practice)

Training Requirements:

Training room, projector, white board, flipcharts, colored pens, colorful stickers, Preparation of the board for team work (A4 paper), sticky tape, audio systems for video , voluntary participation of attendants