YALIN Academy

We develop exceptional people and teams that pursue the goals/ objectives of your institution.

Grupas  YALIN Academy supports the organizations and employees on training, development and learning requirements to achieve more efficient, effective and perfect works. To this end, the solutions in the areas of managerial / leadership, marketing, sales, finance, human resources and personal development, in particular Operational Excellence is provided to the organizations. Another strong aspect of YALIN Academy is using proper tools and designing convenient environments for the adult education with field-trained expert advisors.

Nowadays, organizations are making tremendous efforts to find promising employees and bring them to work. Since the driving force of continuous improvement is person, it is very important to educate and train the right people in the competitive environment. As individuals get equipped deeply with technical knowledge and a wide range of skills, the impact of the investment on the business outcomes will appear much clearer.

We will implement the following approaches in accordance with the expectations of the organization we cooperate with:

  • Making a preliminary examination with the concerned person and the managers in order to understand the need in the best way,
  • Customizing the tailor made training/ development for the institution,
  • Collaborate with relevant departments to ensure full communication with participants
  • Designing a proper training/development process based on with the 10-20-70 learning model depending on the size of the activity,
  • Working with the best and field experienced education consultants in the program,
  • Using/ Providing games, creative drama applications, case studies, tests and various tools that are suited for adult education in the programs,
  • Designing the proper measurement / evaluation process, reporting the results and monitoring the effectiveness of the process.
  • Establishment and implementation of the Training Management Process in accordance with the 10, 20, 70 learning model,
  • Creation, planning and implementation of the Master Training Structure based on Competence and / or Professional Competency,
  • Tailor made Academy Setups, Sub-Process Design,
  • Training Needs Analysis, Assessment Center (Assessment Center Practices)
  • Design and Setup of the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Design of E-Learning Training Process,
  • Orientation Training Process Design and Implementation,
  • Internal Trainer Training,
  • Preparation of Procedure / Regulation for Training / Development Processes,
  • Establishment of Education Activity Measurement and Evaluation System



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