Lean Transformation

Lean is the all work done for meeting the fluxional customer demands via flexible production style. Also, it is to respond instantly to changes in the customers’ demands, while eliminating the wastes.

It is a system that focuses on maximizing the value of an activity by eliminating waste and delays in the process of each activity of a company.

When Lean Transformation is performed, we benefit from the following tools:

  • SMED             : Single-Minute Exchange of Die
  • TPM                       : Total Productive Maintenance
  • KANBAN                : Pull System
  • POKA YOKE          : mistake proofing 
  • U- Lines            : The order in which operators can manage more machines.
  • DOE                        : designing and making Experiments that solves the problems
  • KAIZEN                 : Continuous Improvement
  • JIT                         : Just-in-Time Production / Dispatch
  • 5S                           : establishing Sustainable  visual standards
  • JIDOKA                 : Giving power to machines to control the product(Automation)
  • SHOJINKA             : Arranging the number of workers due to demand changes(Business Rotation)
  • ONE PIECE FLOW : Arrangement of production line according to process flow direction
  • HEIJUNKA              : Compatibility of production line with demand changes