Lean Production Management

“Lean Concept”

If you can constantly eliminate wastes while responding instantly to demand changes, you are “lean”. As lean focuses on the rate of flow, starting from the concept of value from the customer’s point of view, it also focuses on achieving maximum output with minimum resources. The quality, investment effectiveness, resource utilization, labor productivity and cost reduction constitute the building blocks of the activities carried out in the name of lean management.

The Purpose of Training:      

Nonvalue-added activities lead to cost increases in the factories, delivery delays, risk of work accidents, increment of mistakes and affect the quality and employees' morale levels negatively. It is very important to determine and systematically eliminate the activities and losses that are not compulsory and can be removed. Increased productivity will also increase our competitiveness.

The Contents of Training:

  • Lean Thinking and Corporate Culture
  • Lean Manufacturing Tools
  • Launching Lean Transformation, setting goals, preparing employees
  • 5S, Loss elimination through the organization of work areas (Visual Management) technique
  • Seeing the system from the top, holistically and redesign processes that will eliminate the losses through Value Stream Mapping (VSM) technique.
  • SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) is one of the lean manufacturing techniques and used for reducing losses. It is important for fast and accurate changeovers.
  • Maki Gami, is the elimination of losses by the process improvement technique. It is an effective way to analyze the entire supply chain and reveal losses. We aim to eliminate losses in processes and improve them continuously with Maki Gami in many organizations that effectively implement Total Productive Management (TPM).
  • Cost Loss Analysis
  • KANBAN and Calculation Method
  • Pull System
  • Managing improvements with Kaizen (Continuous Improvement Technique) method


Senior and Middle level managers, technical staff


2 days

Training Requirements:

Training room, projector, white board, flipcahrts, colored pens, colorful stickers, preparation of boards or walls for teamwork (putting up the A4 papers), sticky tape, audio systems for video shoot, voluntary participation of the attenders.