We are in Çırağan Palace for Quintiq World Tour at 9th November.

In the past year, we committed to support creation of community of leader in the Metals Industry in the Quintiq World Tour. This year we live up to one's promise.

We will bring together speakers from the European Metal Sector who will share their approaches, experiences and best practices  of overcoming of Supply Chain Challenges in a wide range on November 9th. We invite you to join our experts, Quintiq customers, and colleagues from the steel, aluminium, copper, metals and mining industries for a one-day comprehensive idea exchange in Istanbul at the Çırağan Kempinski Palace Istanbul.

Our supply chain specialists will be delighted to help you find new solutions to ways of opportunism while analyzing your planning challenges in-depth , as well as tailor-made solutions to help meet your business goals.You can also test your planning skills as if you were in charge of planning real metal operations in our company's planning demos. With the Quintiq scheduling program demo you will also be able to test your planning skills in a real metalworking process.



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