Management Systems Integration Trainings in Automotive Sector (APQP-PPAP-FMEA-SPC- MSA)

Management Systems Integration Trainings in Automotive Sector (APQP-PPAP-FMEA-SPC- MSA) training. It has been provided training by Senior Consultant by Selçuk KARADOĞAN.
It has been organized training that focus management of product and process for design, improvement and management of product and service. It respectively has been discussed these subjects such as SPC (Statistical Process Control), Failure Mode and Effect Analysis(FMEA), Measurement System Analysis(MSA), Advanced Product Quality Planning(APQP), Production Part Approval Process(PPAP) in basic scope. It has been organized with dear 21 participants from 12 different companies.
It was underlined statistical evaluation,control cards, process capabilities analysisİn the training programme that assess subjects such as new product start-up, approval of product and production, process management relation, customer special requirements, creation of product file, quality planning and control plans, process development-planning, critical product and characteristics of process parameters and capabilities of interference .
It has been discussed in FMEA framework about issues such as risks that potential faults can create on the product and process and prioritization of these risks.

2019 Yılına İzmir şubemizi açarak başladık